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Find out all about wood burning tools and what you can create by burning wood. We showcase projects and ideas for both professionals and beginners.

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Creating Art With Wood Burning Tools

We aim to provide inspiration and encourage you to try your hand at using a versatile wood burning tool. We are sure you will enjoy this ancient and little-known art technique.

The diversity and choice of wood burning tools, pyrography patterns, projects, and designs are entirely unique to each individual artist.

We describe and provide advice on our pages and our blog on wood burner tools and burning techniques to encourage artists to try this intriguing art form.

You can burn purely for artistic purposes or create wood projects with practical purposes for both garden and household use.

Just let the creativity flow.

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Our top three most popular categories are highlighted below.

If you are new to this art form, we recommend that the best way to both start and improve is to read about all the different techniques you can implement and make use of, as well as the do’s and don’ts.

Wood Burning Tools For Art

Pyrography is a hobby in its own right, and one that is rapidly increasing in popularity. It can give woodworkers a completely new perspective on decorating their creations.

Pyrography can swiftly and easily transform plain-looking items into exquisitely embellished ornaments, whether you’re a woodcarver adding lifelike detail to an animal sculpture or a woodturner adding patterns to your work.