About the word “pyrography.” It is self-explanatory when looking at the Greek words that explain the pyrography tool: “Pur,” meaning fire, and “Graphos,” meaning writing.

Thus “writing with fire” describes the pyro art form and its tools for wood burning perfectly.

Alternative terms for this pyrography craft are pyrogravure, pokerwork, or wood burning.

About The Pyrography Tool

The Pyrography Tool

The freedictionary.com describes this art form as “the process or art of producing designs on wood, leather, or other materials by using heated tools or a fine flame“.

The Pyrography Tool showcases all aspects of this burning art form and endeavors to teach and inform you, the artist, about what you can achieve.

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Pyrography Materials

Wood Blanks

Wood burning is not only for wood, there are other mediums that you may choose from. When people say “wood burning” it is natural to assume that the only material used is wood, but this is not true.

Leather, canvas, bone, and gourds are the most common alternatives that are used.

These do tend to need a little more experience as they are not as forgiving as wood when making or correcting errors.

The irregular shapes of the gourds and bone do require some manoeuvering and patience too. The smell created when burning into them is also not very pleasant, so use an extractor fan or make sure you have a good fresh air flow to dispel the odor.

About Adding Dimension To Your Art

For those artists who want to break out into a little more than just wood burning, other woodworking skills, like carving, can be included in the design.

Also, coloring and tinting the artwork on completion of burning create different effects.

These add another dimension to creating interesting and decorative objects.

Wood Burners or Pyrography Pens

With experience, the artist will find the wood burning kit with the best wood burner pen that suits their grip comfort and style of burning.

Pyrography pen tips are also a personal choice with time showing which nibs and tips are best suited to your subject matter and basic wood burning techniques.

Wood Burners

What to Look for in the Pyrography Tools and Pens

Quick Heating: When you are ready to start burning you want a tool that heats up fast. You don’t to be sitting around waiting forever for your pyrographic tools to heat up to the correct temperature.

Adjustable Tips: The best wood burner tool should have tips that you can interchange to achieve the results you are wanting. Ultimately you need tips that offer thick lines, fine lines, and differing shapes and edges all using the same wood burner pen.

Variable Temperature: Some wood burning art tools only stay at one heat – this may get the job done but it is far more satisfying having a tool with which you can control the heat yourself. You will be able to be more creative and have more control over your individual techniques.

The Best Pyrography Tools And Wood Burning Pens

On the Pyrography Tool website, you will learn all about and find the best pyrography tool, and wood burner pens for different uses and budgets.

One thing to bear in mind when buying wood burning machines is that these tools will last a very long time. But, naturally, with anything, electrical problems do occur.

So to make the best choice, it is advisable to do your research on the product, look at customer reviews and the star ratings. Taking all this into account should ensure you make the right decision.

Buying your tools for pyrography should take careful thought.

Look at the best wood burning tools and pyrography supplies for your needs and have the confidence to move forward and create, experiment, and, most of all, enjoy your wood burning.

We hope that visiting The Pyrography Tool will inspire and help you create your next art piece.

All the pyrography art found on this website is with kind permission by Minisa Robinson Pyrography.