Pyrography Wood Burning Blanks To Burn On

Finding wood burning blanks to create pyrography on is not difficult. There are many natural options to choose from.

Wood burning can be done on a variety of surfaces – as long as they have no special finishes applied and are of natural material – you are “A” for Away!

You will never be short of wood burning projects – no matter what your style or needs are.

As the name implies, wood burning or pyrography, means burning art. This means that using the right base is very important.

Your choice of wood for pyrography for sale includes pyrography wood slices, adnd ready-made objects that are unfinished and ready for burning.

Get Wood Plaque Blanks For Any Project

Wood Burning Blanks For Beginners

Most pyrographers use wood for pyrography.

But not any type of wood.

All timber must be dried and untreated natural wood.

It definitely has benefits when you use soft timber like basswood for pyrography. This is the most popular of the wood burning blanks, and the choice of many wood burners worldwide.

Admittedly, it is not easily available to some artists, particularly off the American continent where basswood is not common or grown in their part of the world.

As long as the wood you use is soft, does not have too many knots or hard blemishes to interrupt your design, you should have no problems using different tree species of wood blanks for wood burning.

Natural Plaques

Natural pyrography plaques are very popular.

Wood slices for pyrography provide a lovely rustic look to your artwork. Most of this style of blank wood plaques come with the bark still intact on the edges.

Unfinished wood for pyrography is very effective for finishing, with a ready to hang benefit.

Wood Blanks

Shaped Plaques

Shaped plaque wood blanks have been cut out into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Wooden pyrography blanks sizes include wood burning plaques in plain circles, squares, rectangles, and everything else.

The world of woodcraft blanks is endless.

Ready Made Wood Burning Blanks

Ready Made Blanks

Finding ready-made pyrography wood blanks should not be difficult from any craft store. You will find spoons, trays, boxes, keyrings and so much more.

Just be aware of what they are made of and that they are untreated.

These are perfect for gifts, useful items around the house, and decorative features on any walls.

Giving personally crafted gifts like these means so much to the person receiving them. The time and careful thought that has gone into the creation is worth a great deal.

Alternatives To Wood Burning Blanks

There is a huge selection of alternative wooden blanks for pyrography that you can wood burn on to create your art.

Below are some alternatives that are just as popular and fun to use.

Gourd Crafts

Gourd Crafts

Gourd crafts are gaining popularity among pyrographers and crafters alike.

Many artists combine the art of wood burning, carving and painting to create the most stunning artwork pieces.

They are a little tricky to work with as their shape is so variable and contoured – but very rewarding.

Again – no applied finishes before burning.

Leather for Wood Burning

As with all the above, the same applies to leather.

No finishes and be careful of the smell – good ventilation is a necessity.

Linen Paper for Wood Burning

You will require heavy-duty paper to burn on. A linen paper by Strathmore is a good option. They are available in pads of up to 20 sheets.

Be very careful using this medium.

Building the colors up slowly is a must. Don’t burn too dark too soon as you may end up with a hole!

Buying Pyrography Blanks

Choosing wood burning blanks for pyrography project is not hard. The options are plentiful when choosing a base to create on.

The only hindrance is your imagination and confidence in yourself. Push the limits a little more every time and experience a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction with the results of your hard work.

Be a part of this extraordinary craft and art form.

Always choose your wood blanks for pyrography carefully and with your intended artwork in mind.