When searching for the perfect pyrography pen, a variety of prices and control levels will determine your choice.

There are a myriad of wood burning pens for pyrography available, all with a variety of functions. As a beginner, it is hard to know what to look for.

However, your first tool does not have to be an expensive purchase.

You can wood burn with a reasonably priced pyrography kit as well as with a professional burning system.

Get The Right Pyrography Pen – Choosing The Best Wood Burning Tool

Best Pyrography Pens

You need something that is simple and easy to use, is lightweight, and has a simple and quick way to swap points as well as temperature control.

Ultimately, you must first decide what you plan to do before choosing a wood burning or pyro pen. Ascertain whether you can picture yourself using the tool occasionally or frequently.

Solid-point Burner

Solid Point Burners

It’s safe to start with a solid-point burner if you’re just getting started with wood burning and are unsure of what kind of pen will work best for you.

Solid-point burners work at a fixed temperature and generate heat using a heating element inside the pyrography pen that is then transmitted to the tip.

Very few versions are available on the market, with non-screw tips kept in place by the sleeve and nut. This type of pen often needs a screw-in tip.

When acquiring extra tips, caution should be exercised because the type of thread varies. These tips are often rounded off with 1/8th to 1/4 of a turn using a pair of pliers after being tightly screwed in by hand.

Wire Nib Burner

You might want to think about upgrading to the more durable and industrial strength of the Wire-nib burner later on. You can do this once you’re more confident in the craft and begin devoting significant amounts of time to it.

Wire-nib burners heat the nibs by passing an electric current through them.

These pyrography pens typically have wire tips with varied gages of nickel-chrome wire. The wires are secured either by inserting them into collets or by screws that are tightened onto them.

These pens have lots of pyrography accessories in the form of various tip designs.

Best Pyrography Pen Requirements

Below are some qualities that you will want to make sure your wood burning pen has:

  • Quick Heating: You do not want to be sitting around waiting forever for your tool to get hot. Get a tool that warms up quickly.
  • Interchangeable Tips: Typically you will need a burning pen that has interchangeable tips. You will want, and need, to adjust your nibs according to your design. Get a tool that offers both thicker lines as well as fine ones.
  • Variable Control: Some wood burners only stay at one heat. This gets the job done. However, it is better to be able to control the temperature yourself. This gives you more flexibility when burning on wood and when moving to other projects like gourds and leather.

Buying burning tools will open up a whole new window of creativity – you will venture into stamping and branding, stencil cutting, lettering, and maybe coloring and tinting your artwork too.

Enter a different sphere of design with this back-to-nature form of art.

Give it a try. You may find your creative niche!

Your imagination is your inspiration.

Find Great Wood Burner Pens Online

Best Pyrography Pens

Shop online for a selection of the best pyrography pens for beginners and pyro kits.

There is a good selection of pyro pens from a wide variety of suppliers, be they well-known brand names or not, providing a wide range of prices.

It is also important to read the pyrography pen reviews provided by other buyers who have purchased and used the tools. These reviews provide an honest, unbiased opinion of the quality and versatility of the product.

It pays to do research on the variety of pyrography pen available properly before buying – it can save you a lot of wasted time and money. It can be a very frustrating experience when you are not happy with the wood pen burner you have bought.

So take the time, do the research, get the best wood burning pen you like, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Get your wood burner pen today – and get creating!